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Placement Recruitment

We acknowledge that not every business is suitable for a full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service.

Sometimes there may be particular staffing requirements, or perhaps simply a one-off need for resource. We also know that sometimes clients may wish to test our recruitment expertise before they fully sign up to an RPO service.

We thus provide a Placement Recruitment service to meet these needs.

In Placement Recruitment, in one respect we are acting closer to an agency in that we are managing your recruitment on a one-off basis for the project.

However unlike an agency we don't charge a commission percentage and you will be given a fixed fee schedule for the project.

We avoid many of the conflicts of interest that agency has. We don't recycle candidates to your competitors. We don't have a vested in interest in your hiring "our" candidates. Ours is not a contingent business - we hope to move to an ongoing relationship with you.

Also unlike an agency, we don't simply pass over a candidates details and then expect to charge like a wounded bull if you then hire the candidate... We expect to do more work than that. In brief, we will manage the recruitment process for you and can include where appropriate all the various stages of the process.

We also expect to be fully accountable for the service and for the work we do. Many clients we see are poorly serviced by agencies who simply pass over a CV and expect to get paid handsomely after you have done all the hard work in selecting and interviewing.
If you have tried agencies and you found it both expensive and the recruitment process was time consuming. Perhaps also the outcomes weren't as good as you had hoped. If so, why not talk to us and see how we might be able to improve things and give you both a better service and a more cost effective one too.
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