Outsourced Business Support Services
We take care of the day to day functions - letting you focus on what you do best.

Client Testimonials

“Konnect Koncepts’ RPO solution is a great option for small businesses without dedicated internal HR resource.  TJ always takes the time to understand our business needs and match the recruitment approach to the specific role each time.  KKL also hosts the Careers page of our website and manages the process from start to finish, ensuring hiring managers achieve the best outcome while following the appropriate controls and approvals.”  

Jack Talbot, General Manager, ICONZ
“TJ & the team @ Konnect Koncepts Limited took the time to understand our business from the inside out. Their direct approach gave our company the much needed direction in the recruitment process. The caliber of staff at our company has successfully risen with every employment while using Konnect Koncepts. As we continue to develop and grow our business the need for an effective recruitment process is key and this is exactly what they provide Dollar Dealers. Their ability to produce time and time again along with their initiative on all projects is second to none, if you want the best, look no further.”  

James Delmont, Area Manager, Dollar Dealers
“I approached Konnect Koncepts because we needed to improve our HR & Recruitment processes.  Konnect Koncepts has helped Te Kōhao Health, not only in creating a better Recruitment process, but they have also provided a Career portal that allows us to advertise and capture potential candidates.  The Career portal also allows us to market Te Kōhao Health to the wider community.  As a result of this great work, we also engaged Konnect Koncepts to redesign and build our website.  They have taken the time to understand our needs and wants and this is beautifully displayed with our website.  We look forward to working with TJ and the team at Konnect Koncepts."     

Nadine Hapuku, Senior Administrator, Te Kōhao Health
“I am always looking to make great connections with fellow contractors that I can use in my network and recommend. TJ is a motivated and driven individual who is great at implementation.  He connects well with all people and understands the roles within a business from a strategic to a hands on perspective. I am very confident in recommending TJ’s services in delivering a comprehensive solution on time and within budget for any project”

Elizabeth Brown, Founder / Director

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Outsourced Business Support Services
We take care of the day to day functions - letting you focus on what you do best.