Outsourced HR Services
It's just good business practice

Outsourced HR Services

Whether you are looking to outsource your entire HR function or just certain parts we can help you.

Our approach is to ensure that we meet the unique needs of our clients. We provide you with a level of choice, control and independent thinking that you just can’t get with an internal HR team. Having dedicated specialists, our outsourced HR Services can work either onsite, remotely or a combination of both.

HR Outsourcing - The Business Case

1. HR is a function that tends to go though peaks and dips in activity
This means it tends to be either; under, or over resourced. It thus makes increasing sense for organisations' to look at HR outsourcing where their HR function can be scaled up or down according to the needs of the time.

2. Modern technology provision
Increasingly, HR can benefit from the carefully used application of technology. Where your HR Provider is able to use shared platforms, this can considerably reduce the cost of implementing technology. It also reduces risk, as the HR Outsourcer knows the system(s) well and understands - and can commit to - the outcomes they can deliver.

3. Tapping into expertise as you need it
It is very rare to find HR individuals who have consistently high-quality expertise across all HR areas. Maintaining high quality skills, knowledge and experience across HR generally means having access to several HR professionals. Outsourced HR Services allow clients access to a range of HR professionals that can bring expertise and insight in different areas.

4. Virtual Services
Many aspects of HR, where carefully resourced and supported, can be provided offsite. This drives further cost savings in terms of resource savings for clients. After-all, most organisations don't just operate from one office. They either have several office locations, or they have staff that are mobile. HR Outsourcers like Konnect Koncepts are able to provide in-depth back-office support to their staff that increases their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering HR Services both on and offsite.

Some Clients

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