We BUILD tailored, and innovative solutions that help SUPPORT your business

About Us

Konnect Koncepts is a provider of Outsourced HR and Recruitment Support Services. We were established to help businesses grow, succeed, and move forward.

Konnect Koncepts build solutions that let you focus on what you do best while we take care of day to day operations and business processes like HR, Recruitment, Payroll and Administration.

From running your HR operations and recruitment through to building websites and providing Admin Business Support. We work as part of your team helping you and your business managing all the tasks that sit on your T'o Do List'.

More than ever, the worlds leading companies are turning to outsourcing solutions to manage their activities efficiently and to reduce costs. Work with Konnect Koncepts to achieve your business objectives and get the kind of benefits that companies have by employing more resources.

Helping businesses move forward and succeed, is what gets our team motivated.

Our Strategy

Our business goal is to build a sustainable business that meets the needs of all our stakeholders.

By developing and improving our capabilities and scale and enriching our service offerings we can maintain our relationships and welcome new clients, generating further growth

Our Approach

A consultative approach is essential in ensuring that Konnect Koncepts fully understands your business and its operational needs. This enables us to develop tailored solutions that will help you and your business achieve its objectives.

Experience and Knowledge

At Konnect Koncepts, we are dedicated individuals, each focusing on our clients needs. Experience and market knowledge help us to provide our clients needs as simple and hassle-free as possible.


Konnect Koncepts produces a high standard and complying to industry best practice. The high standards we maintain in our processes and solutions are reflected at every level of the business and are the responsibility of every person within the team. We want to ensure that we can achieve complete customer satisfaction and provide positive value.


We offer an array of custom solutions. From our core HR and recruitment services through to Payroll, Accounts and running Admin Business Processes.


Our difference is supported by our innovative solutions that create a lasting competitive advantage for our customers. Our solutions are tailored and flexible. Working together as a partnership team of specialist, we deliver efficient, ever-improving results. We're out to amaze our clients with our solutions.

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Outsourced Business Support Services
We take care of the day to day functions - letting you focus on what you do best.